Shakespeare Solved® versions of these plays solve the mysteries surrounding them by taking us back in time to see the plays as they were performed for the first time in history.

This blog explains these new versions, and explores the life and times of Shakespeare, in order to build support for my new TV series versions of the plays.

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Articles Written For:

The University of Oxford's Bodleian Library & The Royal Shakespeare Company

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Other Links

Here is a (not so complete) list of Websites and Blogs that are well worth your time:

Royal Shakespeare Company

World Shakespeare Festival 2012


Shakespeare's Globe

Rose Theatre

The Theatre -- be sure to watch the video of the digitally re-constructed Theatre as it would have looked in Shoreditch

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Blogging Shakespeare

Shakespeare Institute

Folger Shakespeare Library

British Library - Shakespeare In Quarto -- you can compare the different Quartos (digitally scanned) side by side

Rare Book Room -- here you can see digital scans of the Quartos, Folios and poetry

Life In Elizabethan England

Shakespeare's Original Pronunciation -- fascinating exploration of the way Shakespeare's words would have sounded

Also, here is a short video that summarizes the matter of Original Pronunciation, from Ben and David Crystal

The Shakespeare Standard

The Bardathon

The Hamlet Weblog

The American Shakespeare Center blog

Pursued By A Bear -- be sure to watch the one-woman 20-minute version of Hamlet -- hilarious!

The Shakespeare Minute


Teach Twenty -- a High School English Teacher's perspective on Shakespeare

Theatresaurus -- teaching classical and modern theater to all ages

Why I Love Shakespeare

Shakespeare Geek

Shakespeare's England

The Bard blog

No Sweat Shakespeare -- helps students of all ages understand Shakespeare -- it has some great resources.

Ultimate Shakespeare Resource Guide -- thanks Carole for the tip! 

William Shakespeare - My Poetic Side -- with a great timeline of his life

 Please contact me if you can suggest anything else new or something I missed.